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Nemba * Burundi * frissen pörkölt kávé

Nemba  * Burundi * frissen pörkölt kávé
  • Nemba  * Burundi * frissen pörkölt kávé
  • Nemba  * Burundi * frissen pörkölt kávé
3 290 Ft

Kakaó x Fahéj x Fekete tea ízjegyek

Magasság: 1818 m

Feldolgázás: Mosott, dupla fermentáció, emeltágyas szárítás

Termőterület: Kayanza, Burundi

Szállítás Európába: 2019

Fajta: Red Bourbon

Feldolgozó állomás: Nemba

100% arabica kávé



The Nemba washing station was built in 1991 in the commune of Kayanza, province of Kayanza. It is located at an altitude of 1818 masl. People who lived in this region were reputed to be unproductive. They were called "kunembera", which is Kirundi for "lazy". Since the construction of the washing station and the increase in coffee activity in the area, this perception of local people has changed.

This washing station receives cherries from more than 2600 local farmers distributed in the 15 neighboring hills. During the season, Nemba processes more than 400 tons of coffee.

Today, Kayanza province is reputed to produce the best coffees in the country, and probably in the world. High elevations, volcanic soils rich in nutrients and minerals, as well as experienced and disciplined coffee growers, are some of the factors that currently place Kayanza at the forefront of coffee production in Burundi.


Coffee arrived in Burundi during the 1930s with the Belgian colonial government. The Belgian government, which oversaw and administered the twin territory of Rwanda-Urundi between 1922 and 1962, made coffee cultivation mandatory during this period. When the Belgian government withdrew, many coffee growers stopped caring for their trees because it was no longer mandatory. However, many also saw the economic advantages of continuing to grow coffee, and the industry became the center of Burundi's national economy.

The coffee industry in Burundi remained managed by the public sector until the beginning of the 21st century, when the local government privatized some elements of the coffee production chain, such as dry mills and washing stations. As a result of this relatively recent change in conjunction with the country's political instability, today, there are very few foreign companies involved in the coffee sector in Burundi.

Currently, the coffee industry in Burundi is driven by about 2 million small coffee farmers who produce more than 80% of the country's total coffee export. To put this number in perspective, consider that the total population of Burundi is only slightly less than 11 million people, so these small coffee farmers represent almost a fifth of the total population.

All coffee trees in Burundi are Arabica. Although it was tried to introduce Robusta with the establishment of a large plantation. "Fortunately," this plantation was destroyed during a civil war and riots at the end of the last century.​


Almost all coffee in Burundi is of Bourbon variety, which is strictly controlled by the government for quality reasons. Due to the increasingly small size of coffee farms, aged coffee trees are a very important problem in Burundi. Many coffee growers have coffee trees with more than 50 years, but with small land to cultivate, it is difficult to justify that they are completely out production during the 3-4 years that it will take new plantations to start producing.

Despite the ubiquity of coffee cultivation in Burundi, low productivity is a predominant tendency. The small producer on average has approximately 300 trees, usually in their backyards. Each tree produces 1.5 kilos of cherry, so the producer sells around 400-500 kilos of cherry per harvest, and this generates an annual salary of no more than USD 100 (See the video below for more information about it).​
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