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Ojo de Agua * Nicaragua

Ojo de Agua * Nicaragua
  • Ojo de Agua * Nicaragua
  • Ojo de Agua * Nicaragua
  • Ojo de Agua * Nicaragua
3 290 Ft
Akció: 2 990 Ft
Kezdete: 2021.05.07   A készlet erejéig!

Cseresznye x Sárgabarack x Ananász ízjegyek


Magasság: 1400-1650 m

Fajta: Yellow Catuai

Feldolgozás: Mosott / Washed

Régió: Mozonte, Nueva Segovina

Farm: Ojo de Agua

Termelő: Katherin Herrera


100% arabica szemes kávé

The farm is located in Mozonte, Nueva Segovia, which is reaching up to one of the highest points in Nicaragua. This
region is well known for its high quality of coffee. Most of the farms are relatively small in size and family owned and
operated. The farmers and their families are hard- working and proud of producing coffee of a very high quality.
Katherin and her family are investing a great deal of effort in the farm where they are working on a daily basis, their
farm is just shy of 10 acres and the soil is sandy, rich in clay and loam. They are eager to achieve the highest
quality of their crops which are Caturra, red and yellow Catuai, Maragogype and Catimor grown under the shade of
guava, lemon, orange, avocado and oak trees.Katherin picks and processes her coffee herself and this lot was
dried on raised beds for two weeks. The long, slow drying at high altitude gives the coffee better longevity and
excellent quality in the cup.Katherin also grows a range of vegetables for the local market.Cafetos de Segovia is a
dry mill located in Ocotal, right in the middle of a few coffee areas which makes it ideal for producers to deliver the
wet parchment the same day as they harvest and process it. The business is a family business owned by a local
coffee producers family. Martha and Ana, two sisters manage the business with a whole team. It started 5 years ago
when Martha and Ana’s family realized the prices paid for coffee were really low in the region and that the quality
they could produce in their own farm was actually pretty good. They then decided to create the dry mill to add value
to their product. They have a few farms that they inherited from their dad. Like many properties in the area (north of
Nicaragua, border with Honduras) the farms story takes its root in a complex context. In 1975-1979 the Nicaraguan
revolution hit the entire country (but was even stronger at the border with Honduras) and their family emigrated to
the US for 6 years before coming back to Ocotal. Their house and part of their farms had been taken by force by the
government and only the house has been returned to them when they came back. They lost more than 100
manzanas of coffee farm. At the dry mill, they process their own coffee but also the coffee of some relatives and a
few non related producers from the area (in total 47 other producers work with Cafetos de Segovia). During the
peak, up to 300 quintales per day can be delivered at the mill. The drying capacity is of 3,000 quintales at one
specific time. A new greenhouse has been built this year and this is where they do majority of the experimental lots
or more delicate varieties. Most of the coffee is delivered as wet parchment or cherries. 80% of the lots are washed.
They usually start the drying in the patio, in the shade for 5-6 days and then in the sun. All patios are covered with
some black net so the coffee is not directly on the floor. Shade drying is really needed as the sun hits pretty hard at
this lower altitude (less than 900m). They move the naturals every 3-4 hours, pile the coffee at the hottest hours of
the day and 30 people in total work at the mill during the season.

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