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Ajándékutalvány 1000 Ft értékben

Amennyiben nagyobb összegű ajándékra gondolt, helyezzen elképzelésének megfelelő darabszámú utalványt a kosarába és annak megfelelően állítjuk ki Önnek.

1 000 Ft
1 000 Ft
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Bookisha * Etiópia * frissen pörkölt kávé

Banán x Bogyós gyümölcsök x Áfonyás muffin ízjegyek

Washing Station - Bookkisa Helyszín - Guji Zone, Oromia, Ethiopia Fajta - Gibirinna & Serto (74110 & 74112) Feldolgozás - száraz Magasság - 2000-2150 m

Bookkisa is the name of a ‘sub-kebele’ or hamlet in the Guji Zone, where this collective of  37 farmers cultivates prime parcels of coffee growing land at altitudes above 2000 meters. The average farm size of each producer is 3.35 hectares, with most coffee growing under a canopy of natural forest. The fertile red soil consists of clay and loam, ideal for coffee. 

The Bookkisa group has received agronomy training and post-harvest practices by the "King of Guji", Ture Waji, a veteran of specialty coffee production and a man with strong connections to the land of southwestern Ethiopia. Ture started his journey in coffee working for his cousin, who owns Guji Highlands and Mormora, and has since established the Dambi Oddo Agro-industry company, which meticulously oversees the post-harvest processing and export of these coffees.

Something unique about how these drying stations are managed the raised beds themselves. Each ‘Day Lot’ is tracked with a tag for each bed, listing the specific delivery and drying start date, plus relative moisture content readings for each day. This attention to detail allows for a lot transparency and optimizing the incredibly diverse flavor profiles produced in these areas. 

The Gibirinna and Serto varieties are locally selected Heirloom sub-varieties originating from a “mother tree”  in the Metu-Bishari forest in Oromia. Both were developed in the ’70s at the Jimma Agricultural Research Center (JARC) and were confirmed in 1974, hence the ‘74’ in their official catalog numbers. Both varieties produce short, compact trees with small leaves, cherries, and beans and have resistance to coffee berry disease and good yield potential.

3 290 Ft
3 290 Ft
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El Rincon * Guatemala * frissen pörkölt kávé

Cseresznye x Szilva x Étcsokoládé ízjegyek


Magasság: 1500 - 1700 m

Feldolgázás: Mosott

Termőterület: La Libertad, Huehuetenango

Fajta: Caturra & Bourbon

Farm: El Rincon


100% arabica kávé


El Rincon is a 25-hectare farm situated in the corner of a valley of limestone hills, protected from warm, dry winds
and climate fluctuations. The climate is very stable with high relative humidity, which, along with the chalky soils of
Huehuetenango defines the cup character of this farm. Roberto Molina was the cousin of Jorge Vides the first owner
of Finca La Bolsa, and they bought and established the farms around the same time. Roberto passed away in 2009
and his widow Yolanda Galindo is now taking care of the farm. The farm is now run by Renardo Ovalle, who has
transformed the production towards quality focussed micro-lots. Many of the plants are old bourbon and caturra trees
from the early years of the farm, but the farm manager is in the process of planting new bourbon and caturra plants,
along with other exotic varietals. Coffee is fermented dry in tiled tanks for 18-24 hours, before being washed and
graded in channels. After the mucilage has been washed off, the coffee is soaked overnight in clean water. This
step is more common in African processing, and is rare in Guatemala, but adds to the unique cup profile of this

3 290 Ft
3 290 Ft
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Engenho Da Serra  * Brazília * frissen pörkölt kávé

Klementin x Szilva x Mogyorós tejcsokoládé ízjegyek


Magasság: 1100 - 1200 m

Feldolgázás: Száraz/Natural

Termőterület: Cerrada Mineiro of Minas Gerais

Szállítás Európába: 2020 április

Fajta: Red Catuai

Farm: Engenho Da Serra

100% arabica kávé


This coffee comes from Engenho Da Serra situated in the Cerrada Mineiro of Minas Gerais which is an area associated with high-quality coffee where the coffees must be specialty (80+ points) arabica grown above 800 m.a.s.l and within the region to be part of the Designation of Origin this region has achieved. The farm was first planted in the 1970s by José Humberto de Andrade who was one of the pioneers of coffee in this region.


The farm is now run mainly by Sanda ad her nephew Lucas Santos. They feel that their altitude gives the hot sunny days and long cool nights that give the coffee its unique profile balancing flavor and body. They are very focused on maintaining the farm ensuring they are renovating and regenerating areas each year.


This lot is a Red Catuai that is harvested between July - September and is mechanically picked.


Once the coffee is picked it is sorted and then transferred to the patios where it dries for 7 - 10 days. After this, the coffee is then left for 30 days to rest in the dry parchment before it can then be milled and sorted for export.

2 490 Ft
2 490 Ft
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Mukudu * Uganda * frissen pörkölt kávé

Cseresznye x Vanília x Tamarind x Étcsokoládé ízjegyek

Magasság: 1800 - 2200 m

Feldolgázás: Mosott

Termőterület: Bukyabo, Uganda

Szállítás Európába: 2020 augusztus

Fajta: Nyasaland, SL14, SL28

Farm: The Coffee Gardens - Muduku

100% arabica kávé


The Coffee Gardens was established in 2017 with the goal of producing incredible specialty coffee in an ethical way,
offering a transparent and direct link between coffee farmers and coffee consumers. The following information on
our 2019/20 micro-lots has been produced to enable our customers and consumers to better understand the coffee
they are buying, the story behind it, and the incredible farmers who grow it. The Coffee Gardens Project has been
established with many purposes such as improve farmers' income and livelihoods, create and provide rural
employment, promote gender equality, increase transparency and traceability throughout the supply chain and
environmental protection in the area. In the 2019/20 season, The Coffee Gardens purchased coffee cherries at an
average price of 1,400 UGX (38 ÿà US) per KG of red cherry. Our price was a minimum of 10% above the market
price - and for the majority of the farmers who live in hard to reach areas - around 30% above the rate offered by
traders. The Coffee Gardens also incentivize and reward farmers through a number of different monetary and
non-monetary ways. This includes post-season bonuses, additional income-generating, and employment
opportunities, tree distribution, and a range of all-year-round training programs. The Coffee Gardens is transparent
with theirs partner farmers about buying policy and prices, providing each registered farmer with a contract and a
buying-record book, communicating any price changes via SMS to registered farmers, and providing receipts for
every transaction. The coffee in this micro-lot is produced by the farmers on the mountain above The Coffee
Gardens’ washing station. The farmers bring the coffee cherries down to our processing station, earning extra
income. The contributing farmers have received weekly training by The Coffee Gardens’ agronomists on improved
agriculture. To create this lot.

3 290 Ft
3 290 Ft
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Nura Karote * Etiópia * frissen pörkölt kávé

Eper x Csokoládé x Vanília ízjegyek


Magasság: 1700 m

Feldolgázás: Száraz

Származás: Etiópia - Dara District - Nura Korate

Farm: Nura Korate Primary Cooperative

Fajta: etióp fajták


100% arabica kávé

Natural coffee of Organic and Fair Trade certificate of the Nura Korate. Primary Cooperative is located in the city Nora Korate, Dara district in the
area of Sidame.  The cooperative was created in 1975 and is made up of 1845 small farmers. The Café is located at an altitude of 1700 masl in an area of 1730 ha. The cooperative works with coffees with organic and fairtrade certificates.

3 290 Ft
3 290 Ft
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