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Ajándékutalvány 1000 Ft értékben

Amennyiben nagyobb összegű ajándékra gondolt, helyezzen elképzelésének megfelelő darabszámú utalványt a kosarába és annak megfelelően állítjuk ki Önnek.

1 000 Ft
1 000 Ft
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Bwenda * Ruanda * frissen pörkölt kávé 250 g

Magasság: 1700 m

Feldolgázás: Nedves/Washed

Termőterület: Nyamagabe

Szállítás Európába: 2019 december

Fajta: Red Bourbon

Farm: Bwenda Lot 682


Ízjegyek: Virágos, paradicsom és áfonya, vajas és mandula jegyekkel, citrusos savassággal

The owner of Bwenda, Bernard Uwitije, is a native of southern Rwanda, in the district of Nyamagabe. Coming from
a region where coffee was a dominant crop, he first entered the sector trading ordinary home processed coffee. He
later learned of the added value if one processed fully. Wanting to set up a proper and sustainable business in the
coffee sector, he built his first wet mill near his hometown in 2016. He used the first year to learn all the details of
operating a wet mill successfully, and he built a second Washing station the following season, where he then
mastered processing large volumes without compromisingquality.Bwenda was his third washing station, which he
built in 2018 after realizing a group of farmers who were a bit isolated, did not have a closer washing station to
process their cherries into high quality coffee. 2019 was the first season of operating Bwenda, processing only 1
container worth of cherries. Bernard is already developing various programs to help farmers delivering to Bwenda
with extension services and he is expanding the capacity of the wet mill.During the harvest the farmers deliver
cherry to the washing station where they are floated and separated before then being pulped on a mckinnon disc
pulper and fermented in tanks overnight until the mucilage is ready to be washed off. From here it then passes
through the grading channels before then being taken to the raised beds and dried for 10 - 14 days

3 750 Ft
3 750 Ft
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Faz Do Selado * Brazília * frissen pörkölt kávé 500 g

Magasság: 1100 - 1250 m

Feldolgázás: Száraz/Natural

Termőterület: Pocos De Caldas

Szállítás Európába: 2019 december

Fajta: Catuai & Mundo Novo

Farm: Faz do Selado


Ízjegyek: Őszibarack és a dinnye, krémes karamellás testtel

Coffee production has been part of the Barbosa family for 70 years since Mauricio's father Mr. José Barbosa started growing and farming coffee in the mirco region of Pocos De Caldas. The unique volcanic terroir of Poços de Caldas is perfectly suited to grow coffee with altitudes ranging from 970 – 1250 masl. The farm sits on the periphery of the volcanic caldera (large old crater) which has a diameter of 31km and has a terroir and climate suited for producing specialty coffee with distinct profiles.

Today Mauricio, runs the 114 hectare estate with 62ha been planted with the catuai and mundo novo varietals. Annually the farm has a average production of 2000 bags. The farm supports 32 families during the harvest providing work to pick and process the coffee. During the harvest the coffee is hand picked and then collected together. From this point it is then separated and according to density and level of ripeness. After this it is then dried on the patios for 7- 10 days. From here the coffee will then be left to rest in large wooden vats on the farm for 30 days before being hulled and separated into grade 1 and grade 2 coffee with the grade 1 then prepared for shipment.

3 490 Ft
3 490 Ft
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