Almar Classic Hot Chocolate - 15 x 30g bag

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Almar Classic Hot Chocolate - 15 x 30g bag
Almar Classic Hot Chocolate - 15 x 30g bag
Almar Classic Hot Chocolate - 15 x 30g bag
Almar Classic Hot Chocolate - 15 x 30g bag

A smooth and velvety taste, achieved with the best Dutch cocoa powder. Can be enjoyed as a traditional hot mug of cocoa, or cold as an unmissable dessert. With the chocolate powder and the addition of semi-skimmed milk, you can have a wonderful Italian-style hot chocolate with the desired density.

Since 1968 Almar has been carefully selecting raw materials to get excellent products for the refined taste of the most demanding consumers.

a portionwise packed drinking chocolate
made from the best Dutch cocoa 22/24 quality
gluten-free, allergen-free, suitable also for vegan consumption
suitable for professional use in coffee shops, restaurants and hotels, and home use
easy to prepare with a steamer of the coffee machine, microwave, single-serving chocolate machine or at home in a pot

Ingredients: sugar, powder soluble cacao, maize starch, vanillin, natural flavors
Allergen information: contains milk
Packaging: 15 single-serving sachets in a display case
Weight: 450g (15 serving sachets)
Producer: Almar Drink & food Srl (Italy)

How to prepare:
Pour 30 g of chocolate powder with 100/120 ml of semi-skimmed milk. Cook the mix using the coffee machine's steamer.

Put the content of the bag in a container, mix with 120g of milk, and heat until the desired consistency is achieved. Put the finished drinking chocolate in a cup and enjoy.

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