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Kávéinkra frissesség garanciát vállalunk, azaz kizárólag maximum 1 hónapon belüli frissen pörkölt kávét szállítunk vásárlóinknak.


Azok a kávék melyek pörkölési ideje 1 hónapon túlra nyúlik -20% kedvezményes áron vásárolhatóak meg kizárólag üzletünkben a készlet erejéig.


Kávéink szavatossági ideje 12 hónap.


  Caramel Mount * Brazília * frissen pörkölt kávé ANEROB FERMENTÁCIÓ

Cseresznye x Csokoládé ízjegyek


Magasság: 1000 m

Fajta: Red Catuaí

Feldolgozás: Anaerobic Fermentation

Farm: Fazenda Santa Bárbara

City: Monte Carmelo

Régió: Monte Carmelo, MG

Termelő: Norival Alves Mundim


100% arabica szemes kávé


Farmer: Norival Alves Mundim and his family

Farm: Santa Barbara

City Monte Carmelo

Altitude: 1,000 meters

Varieties he grows: Mundo Novo, Red Catuaí and Topazio

Farm has 113 hectares of planted coffee in total

Norival Mundim is 70 years old, he started in the coffee culture in 1988, with his family. His family's focus has always been to produce specialty coffees with maximum respect to the environment. Currently, his son Guilherme Mundim, who is 35 years old is preparing to take over the management of the farm, focusing on the production of a specialty coffee with good productivity and sustainability, for example, they have a water reserve where they collect rainwater for reuse.     


2 690 Ft
2 690 Ft
  db    Kosárba Kosárba
Elvis Tineo Rafael * Peru

Áfonya x Mogyoró x Csokoládé ízjegyek


Magasság: 1700 m

Fajta: Catuaí

Feldolgozás: Natural

Régió: El Diamante area of Jaen

Termelő: Elvis Tineo Rafael


100% arabica szemes kávé


Elvis Reinerio Tineo Rafael is a second-generation coffee producer who owns land in the El Diamante area of Jaen.
Elvis himself owns 3 hectares of land, which is planted with bourbon, caturra, and catuai and sits at an altitude of
1600 to 1900masl. Elvis and his family work the land together, coordinating their picking, processing, and drying, and
sharing their facilities. Over the last few years, Elvis has been investing in improving the quality of his coffee,
improving the quality of picking, and experimenting with pre-fermentation and different fermentation methods. Elvis
has participated in the Cup of Excellence competition two years in a row, in 2018 he finished 7th place, and in 2019
in the top 30. This coffee is a single catuai variety, which was picked, washed, and floated before being dried under
shade for 30 days. El DiamanteEl Diamante is one of the closest coffee-producing areas to the city of Jaen and
therefore has a huge cooperative presence, at least in the lower elevations. We work with a couple of coffee-producing families in El Diamante, who have farms from 1600 to 2000masl. The main varieties grown in the medium
altitudes are catuai and castillo, and at higher altitudes, it is all bourbon, caturra, and typica. El Diamante is one of the
few areas in Jaen to have protected forests, which are home to a variety of flora and fauna native to the region. Not
only that but there are also many water sources that supply much of the water to the city. This thriving natural
environment creates a beautiful setting to grow coffee but also contributes to the richness and stability of the soils
in the area. The cup profile of the coffees in this area is very distinct, with a heavily fruited cup and a pronounced
acidity. Peru Overview: We have been working in Northern Peru for several years, buying specialty coffee from
cooperatives and associations with whom we have built lasting relationships. Whilst a lot of the arrival quality we
have seen in previous seasons has been good, we have struggled to impact upon that quality or make
improvements in the supply chain as we would like. More importantly, the premiums we had been paying for quality
rarely make it directly back to producers, something we have had very little control over in previous years. In Peru,
like some other origins, coffee farmers are sensitive to market changes and often lack basic training and the
incentive to produce higher qualities of coffee, as premiums often don’t materialize. For these reasons we decided
we needed to change the way we buy coffee in Peru and work directly with producers, allowing us to control and
improve upon the existing quality and have full financial traceability. Ensuring these two factors would help us to pay
higher prices for the coffees and to make sure that producers received a fair price for the coffee they delivered us,
above the market price. In order to do this, we set up a warehouse in Jaen and started to buy parchment directly
from producers. The Cajamarca region holds a lot of potential for quality coffee, with ideal growing conditions and
great varieties, but the quality is often lost in picking, processing, and drying, with producers lacking infrastructure and
knowledge. The most vulnerable producers are those that are unassociated – those who aren’t members of a
cooperative, association, or organization – and they represent 75% of producers in Northern Peru. These producers
don’t have access to training sessions or premiums for quality or certifications, and their income is totally dependent
on the market price. Often, local aggregators – a buyer who lives in the same area – will come to the farm or house
of a producer and buy their coffee for cash before selling it on; in some cases, directly to an exporter or more often
to other traders and middlemen. This results in the producer being paid very little for their coffee and a lot of quality
coffee is lost. This shift in approach to sourcing will allow us to forge long-term relationships directly with farmers,
improve the coffee quality we can offer from these areas, and increase producer household income through access
to quality premiums.

2 690 Ft
2 690 Ft
  db    Kosárba Kosárba
Sidney Portilho * Brazília - anaerob fementáció

Áfonya x Csokoládé x Gyümölcsök ízjegyek


Magasság: 1100 m

Fajta: Red Catuaí

Feldolgozás: Anaerobic Fermentation

Régió: Matas de Minas

Termelő: Sidney Portilho



100% arabica szemes kávé

Our coffees were harvested separately in very homogeneous maturing batches. 

All of them are catuaí, fermented for 9 days in tanks (anaerobic fermentation), dried naturally, without removing the peel, on average for 50 days. During the nights they were covered and during the day they received the sunlight. 


The coffee was handled by hand from the beginning to the end of the process on our small property.


The more time-consuming drying highlights more fruity notes in the coffee and the whole process was thought and carried out for this purpose.

Therefore, they are exclusive coffees with characteristics specific to our region.

3 290 Ft
Akció: 2 990 Ft
3 290 Ft  2 990 Ft
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Summer Blend

Áfonya x Nektarin x Csokoládé ízjegyek


100% arabica szemes kávé

2 690 Ft
Raktárkészlet:  VAN
2 690 Ft
  db    Kosárba Kosárba

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