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Kávéinkra frissesség garanciát vállalunk, azaz kizárólag maximum 1 hónapon belüli frissen pörkölt kávét szállítunk vásárlóinknak.


Azok a kávék melyek pörkölési ideje 1 hónapon túlra nyúlik -20% kedvezményes áron vásárolhatóak meg kizárólag üzletünkben a készlet erejéig.


Kávéink szavatossági ideje 12 hónap.


Admasu Ardosa * Etiópia

Őszibarack x Eper x Narancslekvár ízjegyek


Magasság: 1900 - 2000 m

Fajta: Heirloom

Feldolgozás: Száraz

Termőterület: Segera Village, Sidama

Farm: Admasu Ardosa


100% arabica szemes kávé

Admasu Ardosa is a processed natural coffee with a clean, fruity profile. It is named after the farmer who produces
it on his 5ha farm, situated at 1900-2100masl.


The coffee is grown in fertile loam soil alongside other trees – enset (Ethiopian or ‘false’ banana), avocado and banana – which provide shade. Only the fully ripe red cherries are harvested, which are then sorted by hand in flotation tanks before being carefully dried on African (raised) beds for
18-20 days, with a gradual increase in thickness – starting at the single-cherry thickness and ending at 10cm for the last
two days of drying.


During the drying process, the cherries are turned every hour in order to control the rate of
fermentation and to create consistency of taste across the lot. The moisture level is measured before the coffee is
moved to the warehouse.

3 120 Ft
3 120 Ft
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  Caramel Mount * Brazília * frissen pörkölt kávé ANEROB FERMENTÁCIÓ

Cseresznye x Csokoládé ízjegyek


Magasság: 1000 m

Fajta: Red Catuaí

Feldolgozás: Anaerobic Fermentation

Farm: Fazenda Santa Bárbara

City: Monte Carmelo

Régió: Monte Carmelo, MG

Termelő: Norival Alves Mundim


100% arabica szemes kávé


Farmer: Norival Alves Mundim and his family

Farm: Santa Barbara

City Monte Carmelo

Altitude: 1,000 meters

Varieties he grows: Mundo Novo, Red Catuaí and Topazio

Farm has 113 hectares of planted coffee in total

Norival Mundim is 70 years old, he started in the coffee culture in 1988, with his family. His family's focus has always been to produce specialty coffees with maximum respect to the environment. Currently, his son Guilherme Mundim, who is 35 years old is preparing to take over the management of the farm, focusing on the production of a specialty coffee with good productivity and sustainability, for example, they have a water reserve where they collect rainwater for reuse.     


2 690 Ft
2 690 Ft
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Familia Diaz Castillo * Kolumbia

Vörösbor x Málna ízjegyek


Magasság: 1650 m


Feldolgozás: Honey


Farm: Familia Diaz Castillo


100% arabica szemes kávé


Ripe grains were collected manually by collectors in the region. Upon arrival at the processing plant, the coffee undergoes a washing to remove dirt and leaves that it brings from the crop, as well as classification by water to remove green and floating beans. There, the beans are subjected to a controlled fermentation process for 16 hours in a stainless steel tank. After this process, the beans were pulped in our specialty machine and the beans were placed in a stainless steel tank to be subjected to another controlled lactic fermentation process for 30 hours. To finish, the coffee was raised to the canopy above the beneficiary, where it was slowly dried for approximately 20 days until obtaining adequate humidity between 10 and 12.

Hola! We are the Diaz Castillo family and we live in the village of Socorro, Santander. Finca La Esperanza is in our family since 2004, although it has existed since the 1950s. We have been working with coffee for our entire lives and have been focusing on quality for a few years with the help of our partners and workers. In order to achieve that we have remodeled our benefit with new machinery to process our coffees, improving the separation of floaters, green and ripe cherries and also allowing us to experiment with new processing methods such as honey. We are committed to improve continuously and keep up to date with the coffee sector. Our family also values sustainable development and seeks to work in balance with the environment. We turn all byproducts of coffee into something constructive: the pulp is used as fertilizer, the skin is used for cascara infusion and we are also developing a coffee pulp wine!

3 120 Ft
3 120 Ft
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Geisha - La Gabriela * Kolumbia

Dinnye x Eper x Málna x Hibiszkusz ízjegyek


Fajta: Geisha

Feldolgozás: Száraz / Natural

Magasság: 1650 m

Régió: Ciudad Bolivar, Antioquia

Farm: La Gabriela


100% arabica szemes kávé


Farm Overview

Finca La Gabriela has been owned by the same family for 4 generations and Catalina's (owner of Cafe Lumbus) grandma received the 26ha farm as a wedding present from her parents. This farm is a sacred place to the family and the farm is named after Catalina's grandma, Gabriela Vasquez.

As Cafe Lumbus has grown and developed over the last 5 years they have made this farm their “garden of Eden” where they have planted exotic varietals including Java, Pacamara, red & yellow Bourbon, Gesha, Tabi, Maragoype, and Typica. These are also grown with the regular varietals of Castillo, Colombia, and Caturra on the farm. These coffee plants are grown in the rich red fertile soil that is slightly alkaline across the 9 plots that make up this farm that is also Rainforest Alliance Certified.

La Gabriela has 45 employees in total who are overseen by the manager Fabian and his wife Dora who does the cooking for all the employees. The workers have access to accommodation, wifi, and great support as part of the farm community.

Harvesting and Processing:

Careful selection and harvesting of ripe cherries are one of the main areas of focus on the farm. This Geisha coffee comes from one plot on the farm where these trees are just 5 years in age. The plot is called “Lirios" and there are about 7000 geisha trees.

The coffee is carefully selected before it is then taken to the wet mill where it is cleaned, floated, and separated. After this it is then taken to the constructed drying house they have built on the farm. This tent has 100 small beds where they can lay out the coffee and dry it slowly moving it 5 times a day and drying it for between 15 - 20 days weather depending at around 35 centigrade.

After drying the coffee was rested and milled carefully for export to ensure any remaining defects were removed. The coffee was vacuum-packed into foil bags inside boxes. This is the best packaging method to retain the freshness of the green coffee during transport to the UK. 

Tasting Notes:

This is a fantastic natural processed Geisha with bright, juicy, complex flavors. The careful harvesting, sorting, and controlled drying have resulted in a coffee that is very clean in flavor. Tasting notes include melon, strawberry, red berries, and brown sugar sweetness with a hint of floral notes. 

3 990 Ft
3 990 Ft
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