Timemore C2 Pour Over Set (Fish 03) fekete

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C1 Grinder (stainless steel burr)
Glass Dripper 01(PC Holder)
New server 360ml
Fish Kettle 600ml
Thermometer stick
Paper Filter 50pcs
Plastic Brush

65 989 Ft
65 989 Ft
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Timemore Fish Pure Over Kettle Black 700 ml fekete/fehér

Timemore Fish Pour Over Kettle with a true 90-degree vertical flow pour is a perfect tool for pour-over brewing methods.

The body of the kettle is made of stainless steel, covered with a copper layer on the inside, and coated with Teflon on the outside - the multilayered structure provides great temperature retention and simplifies the maintenance.

Precise, functional and well-designed
Easy to make 90°Vertical water flow
Ergonomic and anti-scalding handle
Water flow is stabilized by a sieve structure inside the kettle
Replace the Lid as Thermometer Stick
Steady Stream Structure
Made from 304 quality stainless steel

Width: 91mm
Height: 138mm
Capacity: 700ml
Colour: black
Material: stainless steel
Producer: Timemore
Country: China

20 889 Ft
20 889 Ft
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  Timemore Fish Smart Pour Over Thin kiöntőkanna fekete 800 ml

This electric kettle has a thin spout to give you a 90° vertical flow.


Power: 1500w
Volume: 800ml
3 minutes to boil
Warms from 40 - 100° C
Keep warm function 1 hour
Temperature control
Boil dry protection
High accuracy; shows actual and target temperature
No switches, just slide your finger to set the temperature
Press left button for 1.5 seconds to boil
Anti scale, dual walled lid
Hidden cable
304 grade stainless steel
Size of body 117cm length, 163cm high
Size of base 147mm length, 161cm wide
Weight 1kg
Colour: black
Producer Timemore

54 990 Ft
54 990 Ft
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Timemore Fish Youth Kettle 700 ml fekete / fehér

It is a kettle for pour-over brewing methods however it is not a heating device.

Its ergonomic handle allows for comfortable use. Patented gooseneck and spout make it extremely easy to control the water flow that is stabilized by a sieve.

Please note this product is not designed to be heated directly on a hob, (it is not a water heating device)!

Easy to control, water flows 90° angle, straight down
Ergonomically designed with comfortable thumb rest
Anti scalding wooden handle

Capacity: 700ml
Material: stainless steel 304
Weight: 542g
Colour: black
Producer: Timemore
Country: China

15 990 Ft
15 990 Ft
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Timemore Fish03 Pour Over Kettle 300 ml

TIMEMORE classic original design pour over kettle is a perfect tool for pour-over brewing methods.

Users could control 90° vertical water flow easily with steady stream structure and patented spout
Ergonomic design
The hole design for thermometer stick
3 layers of teflon coating to increase the wear resistance in the coating
Copper inner wall to ensure heat is retained for longer
Plese note this kettle is not made for use on a hob of any kind!

Diameter: 7.5cm
Material: stainless steel and copper
Capacity: 300ml
Producer: Timemore

13 990 Ft
13 990 Ft
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Timemore Mini Fish Smart Pour Over Kettle Thin fekete 600 ml

Home version of electric pour over kettle.

Smart version come with Bluetooth and WIFI function, can be connected to the phone in TIMEMORE App.

Stable flow
Swipe screen to adjust temperature
Smaller 600 ml capacity for easier pouring
Patented Spout for stable stream
Ergonomics design
Comfortable grip
Strix temperature controller (to accurately stop heating when the water reaches the target temperature)
Flash heat
Power: 1000W
Voltage: 220 V / 50 Hz
Material: food grade stainless steel
Producer: Timemore (Taiwan)

39 900 Ft
39 900 Ft
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Timemore U French Press 450 ml fekete / fehér

Modern minimal design French Press to brew your tea or coffee.
More minimalist features, more precise operating feelings
V-shape spout
High-density stainless steel mesh with food-safe silicon
Timemore products are ergonomic, extremely well-designed, and made of high-quality materials.

Capacity: 450ml
Material: borosilicate glass, silicone, stainless steel
Temperature resistant from -30° to 200°C
Dimensions: 18cm high x 8.5cm x 8.5cm
Colour: black
Producer: Timemore

8 890 Ft
8 890 Ft
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Timemore üveg szerver 360 ml
6 690 Ft
6 690 Ft
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