Pallo Coffee Roasting Cooling Tray Cleaning Brush

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Pallo Coffee Roasting Cooling Tray Cleaning Brush

The original Rollster Brush from Pallo prevents unintended over-roasting by allowing the beans to cool properly.

The roaster cooling tray can't effectively cool the beans unless the vent holes are clear and open. Rollster keeps the vents wide open and prevents build-up when used regularly. For heavy blockages, the on-board rubber poker does the trick brilliantly.

Replaceable Bristle Roller
Long lasting heat resistant replaceable bristle rollers save money and resources. Why throw away the whole handle just because the bristles have worn out?

Ergonomic Rubber Handle
The soft, slip resistant rubber handle keeps your hand comfortable.

Steel Frame
Rugged steel frame construction will deliver years of trouble-free service.

Rubber Poker
unclogs stuck beans and chaff from cooling vents.

Specifically Designed Bristles and Spacing Pattern
Fit through vent holes and thoroughly clean cooling tray. Works in any direction.

29 990 Ft
Bonus point : 300 Ft
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