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Acaia Lunar hordtáska

Acaia Lunar hordtáska
  • Acaia Lunar hordtáska
26 389 Ft
A vásárlás után járó pontok: 264 Ft

The Acaia Lunar Carrying Case is a travel case for your Lunar scale, designed to carry the scale, 100g Calibration Weight, and USB cord.

Providing protection for its contents, the Lunar Carrying Case allows you to take the accuracy and precision of the Acaia Lunar in your suitcase or backpack, wherever you go.

Customized for the Acaia Lunar
Eva foam interior absorbs shock during travel
Features a mesh storage compartment
Flap separates scale and accessory compartments
Space with easy pull tab designed to hold your 100 g calibration weight


Product Weight: 167.8 g
Product Dimensions: 157 x 157 x 49mm
Material: PU, EVA

Inside the Package:
Lunar Carrying Case

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