Fellow - Tally Pro Precision Scale

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Fellow - Tally Pro Precision Scale
Fellow - Tally Pro Precision Scale
Fellow - Tally Pro Precision Scale
Fellow - Tally Pro Precision Scale
Fellow - Tally Pro Precision Scale
Fellow - Tally Pro Precision Scale
Fellow - Tally Pro Precision Scale
Fellow - Tally Pro Precision Scale
Fellow - Tally Pro Precision Scale
Fellow - Tally Pro Precision Scale

The Fellow Tally Pro Precision Scale | Studio Edition is the ultimate coffee scale for perfectly proportioned pour-over, effortlessly. No math. No mess. No multitasking. There’s a better weigh. When Fellow set out to design the ultimate coffee scale, they took no small measures. With top-of-the-line accuracy, unique Brew Assist™ Mode to guide you to perfectly proportioned pour-over, and a stunningly clear OLED screen, it all adds up with Tally.



  • 3 Thoughtful Modes:
  1. Brew Assist™ Mode:  A first-of-its-kind feature for perfect pour-over. Choose your coffee-to-water ratio and Brew Assist™ Mode guides you to your target brew weight.
  2. Timer Mode:  For experienced brewers, Timer Mode shows a side-by-side timer and weight in grams so you can perfect your pour-over with minimal distractions.
  3. Weight Mode: To weigh small goods beyond coffee, use the versatile Weight Mode to easily measure in grams, ounces, pounds, and millilitres.
  • Top-Of-The-Line Accuracy: Accurate to the tenth of a gram and highly responsive, Tally is as fast and precise as you can get, quickly stabilizing so every drop of your pour-over counts.
  • Design On A Different Scale: Tally is built from premium Studio Edition materials with a glass base, a stunningly clear OLED screen, and satisfying metal touchpoints. No messy silicone mat. No tricky touchscreen.
  • Brew Assist™ Mode: Choose your ratio and Tally guides you the rest of the way.

  • Weight Mode: Measure in grams, ounces, pounds, and millilitres of water.

  • Timer Mode: Side-by-side timer and weight in grams for experienced brewers.

  • Luminous OLED Display: Bright and effortless to read so you’re never in the dark.

  • Long Battery Life: The rechargeable lithium-ion battery lasts for thirteen hours of continuous use.

  • Removable Weigh Pan: Easy to remove and easy to clean so you can keep your scale spick and span.


  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 177 mm x 150 mm x 33 mm
  • Weight: 553.5 g
  • Max Capacity: 2,500 g
  • Readability: 0.1 g
  • Units: g, oz, lbs, ml
  • Cord Length: 1 m
  • Power: 5 V, 1 A, USB-C compatible, Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
  • Materials: Silicon, glass, metal dial, anodized aluminium, plastic
  • Charging: Tally’s rechargeable battery is designed to last 13 hours of continuous use. For the average user that means charging once every 1-2 months. When the battery is low, Tally flashes the remaining battery level when powering on or off. Tally comes with a USB-C to USB-A charging cable, compatible with a standard USB-A charging block. It takes 1-2 hours for Tally Pro to fully charge.
  • Cleaning: Clean using a damp, non-abrasive cloth or sponge and mild detergent cleaner or warm water. For a more thorough clean, remove the weighing pan and wipe underneath. Please note: do not put any part of your scale in the dishwasher. Do not immerse the scale in water or any liquid. Tally Pro is water resistant but NOT waterproof.
  • Transit: To take Tally on the go, twist off your weigh pan, replace the shims you received in Tally’s original packaging, and reattach the weighing pan. Place it carefully back into the box and you’re ready to travel. The shims are essential for travelling with Tally, so do not dispose of these when you unbox them!
  • Use: Tally’s maximum load is 2,500 g or 5.5 lbs. Exceeding this may damage the device.

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