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Timemore Crystal Eye Plastic Dripper 01 áttetsző

Raktárkészlet: VAN
Timemore Crystal Eye Plastic Dripper 01 áttetsző
2 890 Ft
Akció: 600 Ft
Kezdete: 2022.05.11   A készlet erejéig!

V-60 dripper with a new feature that allows different pouring speeds - it ensures your pourovers won't over extracted.

It's designed with a concave principle, the lower area of the dripper, instead of slowing down the brew actually increases, making the water flow more smoothly and the extraction more uniform.

There are 3 levels in the design:
1 - Sealed level - the filter paper completely attached to the smooth top part of the dripper so water cannot get through
2 - Brewing level - where the brewing action should take place
3 - Coffee level - the ground coffee will fill the bottom area which is less ribbed and more flume to encourage the water flow and thus reducing the chance of over extracting

Material: high-insulation sodium calcium glass, plastic
Detachable base
Size: 01, 15-20g ground coffee

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