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Urnex SCRUBZ portafilter tisztító szivacs és kefe

Urnex SCRUBZ portafilter tisztító szivacs és kefe
4 290 Ft
A vásárlás után járó pontok: 43 Ft

SCRUBZ Cleaning Sponge and Brush

A sponge brush that is designed for difficult to reach areas in the portafilter, including the spout.

A multi-part, multi-function brush designed for cleaning traditional espresso machine components.
Sponge brush is designed to reach and clean the portafilter spout
A bristle brush can be used to clean drip trays and accessories.

Handle and sponge is sold together, while a replacement pack that includes the bristle brush and an extra sponge is also available for purchase.


Contents: 1 handle and 1 sponge
Made in USA
Producer: Urnex

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